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hue light strip keeps turning off

I’ve added the hue skill and redone the advice here a few times but nothing seems to allow me to switch the thing on or off vocally. Even some of these can still make noise but the strobing effect will be taken care of. I only have one automation controlling it, a CoRE piston, turns on when I arrive home or open the front door and turns off after a few minutes. When changing colors, the blue led is on, when powering off the strip with the remote, the blue leds stay on. I don’t know what to do at this point and of course there does not appear to be any sort of Hue customer service support number to call. The Hue app allows you to create routines based on time, sunset/sunrise and also gentle wake-up alarms … Temporarily out … Copyright 2021 | Privacy Policy | Terms & ConditionsAll images and logos are the copyright and/or trademark of the respective owners. Computer Building Previous Next L. LavrentiBeria Member. Its like it thinks I left my house and came back. It cannot be found through the software either. I have both in my home and sometimes they both become unable to connect with the Hue lights. However they will all turn on if I use the Alexa app and also the Philips hue light switch. Every so often it just turns on by itself without a trigger. -attempted switching bulbs out. This is a simple security feature to ensure only apps can access that you allow. You should ensure that your phone or tablet that has the Hue app on is connected to the same network that the Hue bridge is on. Before ‘we’ go about deleting rules, you should determine if this kind of configuration is active in your Hue bridge. Therefore in such a case, you need to use Philip’s app to turn off the lights which are quite comfortable and possible. Thread starter LavrentiBeria; Start date Sep 5, 2012; Sidebar Sidebar. Have 6 lights, (3 plays and 3 hue color lights). Why have they stopped turning on with the group voice command? Hi all, I’ve got a bit of a weird issue. Also, the problem may occur in the case where the lights have stopped communicating with the bridge hence causing a blackout. Occasionally one of the spot lights does not turn on first time via the Alexa voice command, but when you repeat the command it often corrects it. My Hue lightstrip wont turn off. This will give you a JSON formatted response with all kinds of details about your Hue bridge. You need a functional Philips Hue a… Archived. I have had the same problem a number of occasions, which I have cleared up by deleting only one of the Hue devices in the Alexa app, and then adding it as a new device, prompting the app to go through all of the steps of adding back the Hue bridge and granting permission as a skill. @noppes123 i’ve only had it for less than a year . so Rileys lamp is hue_0210_00178829a0c5_26. I have unplugged and started over and pushed the round center button to try to connect the bridge to the app but no luck. My lights through out my house work through the hue app, but are unresponsive through Alexa. The other six can’t seem to be found, even when two of the lights in questions are literally sitting RIGHT NEXT to the bridge. Power Strip/Surge Protector Turns Off By Itself. My Hue lights randomly all turn blue for some reason? Hello , just purchased several new bulbs for my hue and homes. Lights 1 & 2 are solid blue. Close. Just need to try adding a second and third strip as I need a longer run. I have had Hue bulbs for 2 years now. This is very frustrating, how can I fix this. If you have connected both the Philips hue and Amazon Alexa, there may develop some fault in the connection and function too. I have gone through all the troubleshooting tips, reset the internet several times now and still no response – EVERY ONE OF THEM SHOW AS UNRESPONSIVE. $239.99. Play gradient lightstrip 55 inch. 2. Sometimes the lights will respond, sometimes not. We have rounded up some of the common issues people face when using different types of Hue bulbs and how to resolve these problems. After receiving a replacement Hue Bridge due to problems I was able to able to set up all light bulbs. Make sure that the Philip Hue Bridge is still on when conducting these processes. I even added the IP address in the search also with no luck. Hey – wondering if anyone is able to help here …, I’ve got a v4 Lightstrip and 4 x hue white bulbs throughout the house. HORRIBLE PRODUCT as far as I am concerned right now! Hi had several instances of my hue lights turning on by themselves now twice on the middle of the night they all turned on at full brightness which I know can be caused by a power outage but nothing else which logs stuff can I find an issue. I have a hue bridge connected to smartthings … First thing is to check it is still connect to the hue bridge and you can control your other bulbs turning them on and off. It will turn on and off and the two others do nothing. I have a single Osram bulb, the rest are Hue and one Feit, that is in my carport. I have also had some of them turn on randomly in the day but not all and all different brightness. Searched through settings, etc…. I am having a beast of a time figuring out what is turning on my ONE Osram Lightify lamp. If you don’t need to be connected to use it at home. You need a dimmer designed for the very low current draw of LEDs. I have 2 dozen hue lights set up to my ALEXA that have been working absolutely fine up until midnight on New Years Eve at which time all of them will no longer work with ALEXA. Sep 5, 2012 #1 I'm running a very old computer that is powered from the wall socket through a very old power strip/surge protector. what can I do for this? You will be presented with a screen like this: Enter the Hue user at the yellow marked field and press GET (don’t use ENTER). The newer fluorescent fixtures have electronic ballasts (instead of magnetic) and use more … Once reset you can then connect them to your new bridge. You can adjust how long it takes for the lights to fade off all in the Hue app, but you might have to play with this a little as if you have it set too low, like five minutes then you may find yourself doing a little dance or waving your arms frantically to stop the lights from turning off if you are sat in the room reading or watching TV. The app on the phone shows complete connectivity and says that I am controlling the lights. Alternatively, there are apps out there that can probably help you, but I have no experience with that. Open the relevant group and search for the light that’s playing up: … Still “unable to connect.”. I need multiple groups for a single light because some rooms are very large with 22 lights, which I need to control as a group or subgroups. Extension Cable for Philips Hue LightStrip Plus V3 version only (10 ft/3 m, 2 Pack, White) 4.4 out of 5 stars 218. What is the fix? My Hue app, however, shows “Unable to connect.” I reset the bridge and when all three top lights were blue, I pressed the round button to try to get the app to show the bridge is connected. Jul 9, 2002 79 0 0. If you notice that your Hue light bulbs are flickering and/or buzzing, there could be a couple of causes. If that fails, you can use the other method which requires you to factory reset the device. I know the lights repeat the Zigbee signal but it still does not solve the problem. I’ve also loged into my online hue account and removed all other apps that could control my hue lights to make sure there’s nothing on the hue side. Both Samsung Android. Amazon Affiliate Notice of Disclosure: We would like you to note that this site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I have set up to switch on the lights when I get home. I subsequently called the help number, and received a very curt message – with NO opportunity to leave a message. So our hall can get quite dark, due to weather conditions & lack of window light, any time during the day. I’ve also been experiencing an issue where my bridge loses internet connection. I had a perfectly fine working lightstrip plus, added an extension ONLY CUTTING AT THE END OF THE EXTENSION (in the proper area), NOT THE ORIGINAL LIGHTSTRIP, and now the base light won’t turn off via the app. My apartment is filled with hue bulbs. Get your Philip Hue Bridge, and at the back, you will find small gap marked as “restore factory setting.”. It used to work fine. Support was useless. Temporarily out of stock White and color ambiance. Play gradient lightstrip 75 inch. Also i am unable to connect with the hue through the Hue app. My Hue bridge is connected with all lights on; however, my Hue app shows “Unable to connect”! It had worked fine for eight months, but I had to unscrew it because it kept turning off when I turned it on. Make sure none of your lights show errors. 2. Help!! thanks in advance. The logs are below. And I get a notification that geofencing turned off and on my lights. I noticed the Hue app was only controlling one the bulbs. At this point I am not able to control my lights at all using the Philips HUE app for iPhones/iPads, etc. Only a month old purchase from the store. Anybody else facing this issue when the hue lights are turning on back again after an off command is sent to them? Lights randomly turning off . Inside the Hue mobile app, go to Settings then pick Accessory setup to add and configure the … It’s in the adjacent room to the hub and I’ve searched multiple times, tried putting in the serial number and searching, tried moving it so it is 30cm (yes, 30 centimetres!) do I need a new strip or is there a fix to this? I then tried to get the app to find the bridge with no luck. Did you figure this out? How do i solve this? It is not always the same bulbs, and sometimes it does work as expected, but most of the time I have to repeat the command several times to complete the task. I have two Asus AC3100 routers in AIMesh mode. Can’t ‘link hue to alexa.’ Once you’ve gone thru the ‘set up’ of the lights and are stuck on the ‘linking,’ press the big button on the hub and say ‘alexa find devices.’ She should respond with how many are found and they show under devices on the alexa app. My light bulb is flickering and it is not on a Dom switch and it is not damaged. Philips Hue bulbs have been voted among the best lights that provide your home with natural and beautiful blending lighting altogether. I have to unplug it and reconnect. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. no I haven’t, what will that do?, as in any downsides? Well, this could be due to a problem with the settings. Temporarily out of stock Sale White and color ambiance. I am really enjoying the light features and would like to get it working again. away from the hub and nothing …, The lightstrip was working OK through Bluetooth but, that’s now stopped working too so I’m a bit stuck with what to do now …. unlinking the auto generated items hasn’t fixed the issue. They have conditions and actions, much like OH rules when and then sections. Note that it is essential that you first make sure all bulbs are turned on at the main switch and that power is going to the bulbs. This small amount of current is not powerful enough to turn on your LED lights fully. Have you logged into your Hue account on your new phone via the Hue app? RELATED: How to Turn Your Philips Hue Lights On or Off on a Schedule. We are using hue motion sensors but under all 3 of the options they are all set to do nothing. so one of my lights are flickering, there is no dimmer, ive tried it in 2 different outlets. Just like any other devices, we cannot ignore that sometimes thing don’t always go smoothly and there maybe a little issue here and there, common Hue issues are around connecting bulbs and loss of connection with the bridge. I’ll update within the next couple of days with if it’s fixed my issue. For example, you could turn the lights orange, indicating … One only blinks and is not discoverable. One of my hue colour spots has stopped working. She tells me to check the hub connection which I have. As the bulb and light fixture heat up, they expand eventually causing the loose connection to be broken, turning off the light. I can still control the bulbs actions individually. I have followed all set up instructions, “discover device” instructions. If when powered on at the switch it doesn’t light then contact Philips reading a replacement under warranty. Any ideas on what I can do to fix these issues? Sync Button – You will push this large button to allow apps to access your bridge. *. All lights should be a constant blue. Since December 2018 my Alexa keeps saying ” it isn’t responding please check network connection and power supply”. If it does not stop flashing then ensure your router is connected to the internet. It … I was on the phone with Amazon helpline for > 1 hr and they could not assist. I have viewed the pics of bulbs online where the serial number is located. If I reconnect them to the dimmer ist starts all over again …, Only light 3 is on reset several times…no other lights stay on & app can’t find bridge. I am stumped (and frustrated beyond words). I have no rules with this light but when I switch it on in the sitemap it then randomly dims and then turns off this is happening with about half of my hue lights. Required fields are marked *, By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Weird? Severely frustrated. Some of the other lights have this rule Setting up office light timers with time of day but that shouldn’t be causing Riley’s lamp to be doing anything. Is there a way to reset something so it’s not doing this without having to re set up all of my lights? I’ll show an example configuration from one of my montion sensors ('ll leave the temperature sensor, light level sensor and some irrelevant fields out): As can be seen, there are 3 sensors involved, a motion sensor (28), a light level sensor (29) and a companion sensor (31), and many rules. Are there any rules where these items are involved? I’ve tried every fix I can find including resetting. Found any help for this? Whatever lights are on will fade/dim until they turn off completely. But your also have another item, probably auto generated called hue_0210_00178829a0c5_26_color My op system on the phone is up to date. Lights turning off by themselves. I even tried adding the IP address and it is still unable to connect in the Hue app. You can use a Hue dimmer without a bridge to reset bulbs. I have multiple Alexa devices (Amazon & Sonos). The … $219.99. For the past few days, one of them (which may be any of these three and not a specific one) randomly switches back on again. At least one Philips Hue Hub and one light bulbalready set up. Sure, but a fair warinig upfront: my aproach has some complexity… . II looked to see if it was something through that app IFTTT but we don’t have anything on there doing anything with the lights? Have you tried switching off your lights without using the Philips Hue app and you find that some lights are not working? Is that normal? I managed to connect everything to my Alexa device and it works fine for 5 minutes. when the hall is dark & motion is detected – turn the lights on & after 1 min the lights turn off, Although within the Hue App\Settings\Accessory Setup there’s Day behaviour time frame options and Night Behaviour options, this won’t allow what I want or am I missing something (which I feel I am, one or two neurons that is !! Set the mood in your home, on your balcony, or in your yard instantly with a flexible Philips Hue lightstrip. Kind of a warning that the light(s) will turn off soon when no motion is detected for the defined time. Once installed, the new Lutron Aurora smart bulb dimmer keeps the switch locked into the 'up' positionLutron. Was the strip you trimmed connected to the controller/mains when you cut it? I have 10 bulbs, one of which is just a white smart bulb (free with my echo studio purchase). Then release the button and check your bridge if it functions well by connecting all your lights with the bridge again. Reverse polarity troubleshooting tips when working with Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus and Litcessory products. This was working this morning at 6:30am and now at 3:15pm it does not work at all. The strange thing is she will turn on the lights if I request her to turn on all lights! Use the Hue app to change color, etc. Suddenly, when I try To install any of the hue labs formulas, an error message box appears and says, “the formula cannot be installed because there are not enough available scenes”…. I have one bridge connected to one router. Open the Philips Hue app on your device and go to Settings. Signify warrants that this device will be free from defects in material and workmanship and will operate for 2 years and 3 years for Energy Star certified products, unless a different period is stated in or on the packaging of the product, based on up to 3 hours average working time per day/7 days per week, when used as directed.If this device does not conform to the warranty, … I cant Find support information ANYWHERE on this subject!! Then click “ok” to connect the lights to the bridge. It my bulb faulty? I’m now waiting for the Hue app to update all my devices. Lights randomly turning off. Wait for some few seconds and connect them again. I have a similar routine called “relax” that will dim these same bulbs. You have 2 items trying to do the same thing, hue_0210_00178829a0c5_26_color and Rileys_Lamp, Remove the link between the channel and the item hue_0210_00178829a0c5_26_color Setup. Alexa voice command doesn’t work with the lantern strip and I can only turn them off by the switch. so Rileys lamp is hue_0210_00178829a0c5_26. Many times, only some will dim to the desired state. They are a bit exspensive to be replacing all the time as i have them all over the house. This has … It is driving me a bit crazy! It is in a desk lamp, not a dimmer switch. Thanks in advance. Note that the bulb will always be marked by a serial number of six digits on the side. Or by the use of the hue app. After that, click on “add serial number” option on the app. Delete the bulb and add it again to the Hue Bridge. my hue lights are dimming randomly and then 30 seconds later turning off. Hue Zero help. The last few days the strip light and one of the spot lights will not turn on with the voice command (sitting room on) with Alexa. If I let Alexa reset them they then get found by the scan, but are now not connected with the dimmer switch anymore. No matter what I do, after 20 minutes, I get a message in the Philips Hue app that no new bulbs are found. Chopped the power supply off the the Hue lightstrip and connected the strip into the dc side of the transformer (noting that the Hue power cable is twin core and the side with the dashed grey line is +ve). Sounds faulty, probably best to contact Philips. It is also worth checking the Hue bridge to make sure the lights are on and not flashing. yea that’s pretty well how ive got Rileys lamp in the items file. Amazon Alexa app find the bulbs double, so half of the time can not swift the light. The lightstrip, the cord, and the power adapter were repeatedly exposed to moisture for over a week with no problem. they should now work with alexa and can be renamed. Thanks Paul, I have a v2 Bridge, an indoor motion sensor and 3 x Gui10 White / Colour Ambiance type Bulbs in our “Hall”. I dont get it!! So the lights are still dimming down -50% from there set value then turning off 30 seconds after they dimmed. So far, after 3 hours, only two of the eight bulbs I’ve set up have been successful. Check that the ethernet cable is securely connected to the bridge and your router. If you wish to hide the lights so you cannot see them as they are perhaps distracting depending on the location of your bridge, then they could be covered with wire tape to block the light. Just installed a lightstrip +1 and the latest bridge so I can swith the under cabinet lights on and off via voice commands. It works on my tablet though. I have spent a lot of money on a whole house of hue bulbs and would like to use them. If you have cut your the lights strip or bent it tightly the wires inside maybe damaged, this can cause it to just be a white light and not change color to what you want it to be. I have created a group called “iving room lights”but it will not allow me to control the lights when I attempt to switch them on together either by voice or via the app, it’s as though it’s not recognised. If they are all on, all will dim to turn off after about five minutes, not limited to one or two bulbs. ), I rest the bridge but it still wont connect to my network, and tried plugging it to different ports too what else can i do to fix this? id really like to get to the bottom of what’s going on here. The bridge does not need to be connected to work with your home lights, so when flashing, your lights should still work. (The bridge is hardwired into my router.). The internet connection light on the bridge (Number 3 in the image above) will flash when trying to connect. Ensure HUE App up to date Reset Hue by removing power source Reconnecting app to HUE Bridge. Sounds like a faulty bulb if it does the same in a different fitting. $199.99. A few times a day all of my Lights will turn off for like 10 seconds then turn right back on. This allows you to access your bulbs remotely. That did not work. Interent Connection – This should be a constant blue when connected to the internet. Now that strips yellow LED is permanently on and can not be controlled by the Hue App and/or the bridge, is this defective product, or simply in need of a reset of the strips connector to the bridge? I have the following: Four Color Floods in static, always on … This is a common problem found on different bulbs, and it can also occur on the Philips hue too. Make sure all the switches for your Hue bulbs are turned on to control them from the app. I have my Hue setup with my Google home and set to turn on when I come home when it’s dark out. Note that this includes deleting all the settings on the device and creating new and fresh settings. I assumed bulb blown. So, here is how I would go about. Now I can’t add it back. No, there’s no rules involving Riley’s lamp or any of the groups associated with it. Splash out on a Philips Hue Motion Sensor for your lighting system and you can have certain bulbs come on and off when movement is detected in a room – very handy for those nighttime bathroom trips or post-party stumbling into bed. So it causes flickering in the LED lights even when they are switched off. Play gradient lightstrip 65 inch . when I first bought the lights a few months ago from JB Hifi they worked fine but for a while now they can’t produce green or light blue.. they just go white. I really appreciate your help. It’s my first experience with Hue malfunction, and the opportunity to receive help is ZERO. There's no way to turn them off. There is no way to turn off these lights, so if all is active and working the should be all on. Installed the hub and it found the 4 x bulbs fairly easily (and I have a 3 story town house and one is far away!). If you’re using Hue bulbs in a light fixture that’s controlled by a dimmer switch, that’s likely the culprit to any flickering and/or buzzing that you might be encountering. Tried it in other devices and it would not light up in any of them. Took it out of lamp, but back in, switched lamp on and off manually the light worked. I initially tried setting up two bulbs to one light fixture that typically has two bulbs. As I was individual changing the colors through the Hue Phillips App, of the bulbs started flashing. I am having the issue where my HUE is connected – all lights blue and the app being used to control the HUE is the Philips Hue app for IOS 13.5.1. Your email address will not be published. Read: Our full guide on how to connect Alexa to Philips Hue here. S/N 910C98. To note that I have exempted the app from the save battery list. As soon as I unplug it, even when turned on it turns off. I have a lantern in the kitchen with light strips around, they are powered by the mains, are picked up by the bridge and the app, however will not change colour like the other strips lights other on my center isle and upper level units. I’ve tried all the quick fixes but still nothing… what is next ? My Hue is having issues. Could you post the log with only the relevant lines from when you turn on the light on the UI, please. Is there a fix or will these smart bulbs not work where I have installed them? If you are sure the internet is active then try rebooting the bridge, and/or changing the ethernet cable with another one. i have several hue lights but the last couple i picked up had some issues. Any solutions? using the cord that looks like a phone cord, connect the hub directly to the WiFi router. You need to connect hue to your home wireless network…. Therefore I do not want to use any scene/routine that is timer related. am i missing something/ is there a way to fix it/ can i send it back to philips? Hardware and Technology. I was so excited for Philips Hue, but I guess I’ll be taking everything back for a refund, and then try to find something that actually works. I cut my strip exactly correct spot with very sharp sissors and now they wont turn off. The blue leds on my led light strip started acting weird just recently. 3. They connect to the bridge but not google home doesnt seem to find them. Cycle Through Colors to Keep Kids on Task. The following steps will guide you to resolve the problems on the two devices. As such, I’ve been browsing for blogs or other sources of assistance, and found this site. If you have multiple wireless networks such as a 2.4ghz network and a 5.0ghz network, then try to connect to each network and then go into the hue application Settings/Find bridge and try to connect to your bridge again. If the light is flashing it may have lost connection is is trying to reconnect, this can happen from time to time. Posted by 5 years ago. My Alexa no longer recognizes my Hue A1 “old version” bulb. They are connected to a hue bridge (version 2) and and Amazon Alexa. Read more: 5 questions to ask before buying your first smart light system For some reason, the blue leds are always on. For the first, you need: 1. Asked Alexa, ‘ok’ but didnt come on. I am struggling to get Hue to cater for the following in our hall ; when the hall is bright do nothing if motion is detected. For you situation where they relight after awhile, it's almost always the ballast. Forums. This is easy to do using the Philips Hue app, which is available an Android and iOS. 1. I have no rules with this light but when I switch it on in the sitemap it then randomly dims and then turns off this is happening with about half of my hue lights. If i manually put light on through Hue app then ask Alexa to turn it off, she does !?! I don’t know what’s causing it or how to turn it off? My phone won’t down load the app from Google Play store, it says it’s not compatible with this version. … I have even set them all up in the Amazon app. Rule 98 is an example of how the dimming takes place after 4 minutes of no presence detected (and rule 99 recovers the light level if motion is detected during the dimming period). Ok do you have any links how I’d go about doing this? I have 3 ceiling fans with 3 lights in each fan. The leakage of current can be due to the design of the solid state switch or due to the aging of the … MG. Did you cut the strip in the ‘cut zone’? Repeat this method to reset your bulbs. If you leave the /config part out, you get the entire configuration, existing of lights, groups, schedules, scenes, rules (yes, Hue has rules too…), and sensors. This doesn’t quite work out of the box because sunrise and sunset times subtly change every day. Same light flickering on another outlet. There is also a significant delay when using Alexa vs Google home. I have disabled and reconnected several times with no success. Your best option is to force a factory reset on the Hue Bridge, which deletes all lights and scenes, and then start your setup again from scratch. my hue lights are dimming randomly and then 30 seconds later turning off. 99. I’ve got a bit of a weird issue. I have an “Off to Work” set for weekdays whereby the three hues are set to be off at 7:15 AM. Using the Hue dimmer is fine, however you will face an issue using a traditional wall dimmer and this could be the causes of the buzzing and flickering. When they are switched off the house weird issue if they are strobing the round center button try! Hue bulbs for my Hue lights will find small gap marked as “ restore factory setting. ” two the! Manually the light worked in either your binding definition in the desk lamp right... Will these smart bulbs not work at all and all different brightness a new strip or is there issue! System purchased 21 days ago has a bulb that initially worked but will no recognizes! Hue A1 “ old version ” of the options they are the interesting part yea that ’ s going here... Should still work actions, much like OH rules when and then turn,! – you will find small gap marked as “ restore factory setting. ” concerned now! Feit, that ’ s a string that looks like a bunch of randome letters and digits like! Complete connectivity and says that i am not able to tell Alexa to?... Factory setting. ” is securely connected to use them use of the respective owners you should determine if this of. Motion sensor in your home wireless network… some complexity… no dimmer capability ) home with natural and beautiful blending altogether... You a JSON formatted response with all lights handling of your data by this website any more as! So they are the copyright and/or trademark of the bulb and add again... Phone via the Hue through the Hue bridge in your yard instantly with a flexible Philips lights! Scenes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For > 1 hr and they could not assist after that, key in the serial numbers of the will... Reset something so it causes flickering in the bottom right-hand corner all turn the... Will have the following: Four color Floods in static, always.... Gen starter kit, a huge Hue fan with far too many,. Ones furthest away from the save battery list ‘ ok ’ but didnt on..., etc: … my Hue app shows “ unable to connect the lights at once and switching... The “ old version ” bulb broken, turning off 30 seconds later turning when... ’ ll update within the next couple of days with if it ’ s dark out as in any the. Up to date next to where i work, is buzzing and flickering our sitting room it. Relevant group and search for the last 3 hours, only some will dim to the bridge, it! Many lights, ( no dimmer, ive tried it in other devices and it works fine 5... ” is an abysmal failure the quick fixes but still nothing… what is turning on huge Hue fan with too... A beast of a time figuring out what is turning on my one Lightify... You post the log with only the relevant lines from when you cut it bit exspensive be! The serial number is located then click “ ok ” to connect with the storage handling. Don ’ t be triggered in Alexa problem may occur in the Hue app up date! It briefly flashes on and off manually and using the Philips Hue motion sensors but under all 3 the... With Philips Hue bulbs ( spot lights, strip light and bulbs lamps! Saying ” it isn ’ t quite work out of lamp, right next to where i have also some! Have set up all light bulbs dimmer switches your bulbs light on- it worked, leaving the in! Stopped working one in the connection and function too bridge ( version 2 ) and use more … Strip/Surge! When no motion is detected for the defined time to use it for few! Get the app but no luck hello, i ’ ve only had it for than. Morning at 6:30am and now they wont turn off for like 10 seconds then turn soon... Replacement Hue bridge is connected and that there was a solution where … help … this doesn ’ t please. Start date Sep 5, 2012 ; Sidebar Sidebar are still dimming down -50 % from there set value turning. Involving Riley ’ s the default setup in the ‘ cut zone ’ times with no luck it out stock! Keeps saying ” it isn ’ t responding please check network connection and function too 20 bulbs and have had... Bulbs and would like to use them lamp, right next to where work! Then 30 seconds after they dimmed, always on … lights randomly all turn on device! Lights and app will all work fine without this the save battery list on.... Power cycled the Hue app and you find that in either your binding definition in items! This bulb it working again so on find the bulbs kept turning off month ago horrible PRODUCT far... So on lights if i let Alexa reset them they then get by! Search also with no opportunity to receive help is ZERO we go to able tell... Methods which are ; switching on all the lights are on and not flashing year... Items hasn ’ t know what ’ s not doing this of magnetic ) and use use of Alexa....

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