What Is The Lighthouse Wave?

shutterstock lighthouse bigThe Lighthouse Wave is a way of life that transcends the boundaries of culture and time. The most important thing the Lighthouse Wave teaches is active participation in enhancing the quality of your life.  You are responsible for building yourself – your lighthouse – strong! You must be strong physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to discover the truth of your light! It is vital to work on self first so you can live a vibrant life!  You must faithfully tend to the dreams that are sowed in your soul.

Lighthouses are thought of as symbols of strength, guidance and safety.  They are stable structures that must withstand time and weather to serve and save others without judgment. The Lighthouse Wave teaches that you must build a strong self so you can withstand the waves of life and shine brightly for others.  The teachings will help guide you to your true self.  In finding ones self and building your personal lighthouse, your spirit will shine forever.

There is no exact guide that fits every person as each of our lighthouses will be a bit different.  But there are basic things we must do to build a strong lighthouse that will last this lifetime and continue to shine forever.There are seven steps to building your own lighthouse.  Contact Denise Hart to get your life coaching workbook which explains the steps to constructing your own lighthouse. Building your lighthouse is a lifelong process but once you get the foundation started, it is time to shine.  Always remember that no matter how dark the world around you appears, you must shine your light!

Through this website, the Lighthouse Wave salutes those who are shining and making this world a better place every day. Join us on one of our many adventures to learn more about The Lighthouse Wave so you can build your own lighthouse, survive the waves of life and shine for others!



Disclaimer: Denise Hart’s articles should not be considered advice as they are simply personal experiences and opinions. She is a licensed counselor but encourages all her readers to seek competent
advice from a licensed, registered, or certified professional in their location should such advice or service be required. Denise only writes about people she has met and includes pictures as a way of hard evidence of this truth.

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